How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Staying hydrated is important especially when you’re taking lots of classes, and if you’re trying to lose weight. Did you know that water makes up at least 60 percent of your total body weight?! It’s integral to every function in our bodies, but with so much information floating around, how do you know how much you really need every single day?

We did the research for you: 

How much water you need based on your weight:
Every day you lose water, from breathing, from sweating, from working out, even from going to the restroom. To make the best of your life, you need to have a good amount of water consistently in your system. A good way to figure out how much water you should aim to be drinking is using your weight. Multiply your weight by ⅔ or 67%, and that should give you the number of ounces you should aim on drinking each day. For example, if I weigh 150 pounds, I should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day. 

If you exercise, you need to drink more:
Since you’re going from bootcamp to yoga all week long, you need to make up for that sweat you lose during class. According to WebMD, here’s what experts recommend: one or two hours before your workout, drink 15 to 20 ounces of water, then 15 minutes before your sweat sesh, drink 8 to 10 ounces, and then while you’re working out, try to get in 8 ounces every 15 minutes. That’s not always possible – especially in a fitness class – so make up the difference once you finish. 

It’s okay to spice up your water
If you find plain ‘ole water boring, throw in some fruit or veggies to add some flavor. As long as you’re staying away from liquids that are diuretics, you don’t strictly need to be drinking water. So if you want to add some sparkling water to the mix, go for it.

That seems like a lot of water!
We know – it’s a little crazy. But even though drinking this much water will make you have you taking a bathroom break every half-hour, keep in mind how good it is for you. It’s an easy add to your life and really it’s only going to help. Drinking enough water improves everything from how your skin looks, to how alert you feel and there’s no reason not to make sure you’re getting enough. Plus, now you have an excuse to splurge on a new water bottle.



Amanda Fay is a manager of strategic planning and creative executions in New York City with a degree in Human Sexuality and Neurobiology. She’s also a half-marathoner prepping for the NYC Marathon in 2016 and an avid cheese lover. Back to top