Which Wins Wednesday: Washing Your Hair Daily or Every Few Days?

According to dermatologists, daily showers dry out the skin by stripping away natural essential oils. The skin that makes up the scalp is thicker than the skin on our bodies and has sebaceous glands that secrete oil which protects the hair. So what is more beneficial – washing your hair every day or less often?


Daily Shampooing


When we wash our hair the main objective is to cleanse the scalp to prevent oil build up and dandruff. Hair experts say that the only reason to shampoo daily is if the scalp produces a lot of oil or to smell good (mmmmm….coconut scented tresses). I took an informal survey of fitness enthusiasts on social media to see how many people washed their hair everyday. Out of 250 responses, about 20 percent polled said that they washed their hair daily, but used a very mild shampoo.


Less Frequent Shampooing


Hair texture can also determine how often hair should be washed as well. Those with curly, African American (natural and relaxed), colored and/or longer tresses usually have less oil buildup and can wash the hair once or twice a week. An alternative to constant washing is to use talc or no-poo with vinegar or conditioner.


The verdict?  

To preserve your locks and save on your water bill, shampoo less often. Especially if you’re taking an evening class and a morning class less than 12 hours later, don’t worry about making sure your hair is polished. In fact, it’ll stay healthier for the few times a week you put on something other than yoga pants! In between showers, try some of our beauty hacks


Robin M. Gillespie is a NASM-certified fitness professional, social media expert and IDEA Inspired Blogger from Philadelphia who loves cashews.