10 Reasons You Should Be Training For a Race with Friends

Yes, we all need that occasional solo run to reconnect with our inner self. But if you’re training for a long race, those miles can sometimes get pretty lonely! Having a running buddy (or a few) will help keep you motivated and distract you when all you want to do is stop. Still not convinced?  

Check out some reasons you should train with other runners:

LSDs (Long Slow Distance runs) are more fun with friends. We chat away the miles, and 60, 90, sometimes 120+ minute runs seem to fly by. Can’t say the same about a 12 miler on a treadmill, now can you?  

Speedwork support. If you’re looking to set a personal record, you’ll want to incorporate speed training and let’s be honest, who doesn’t run faster/harder/longer when they’ve got a crowd cheering them on? We push each other to be stronger runners and not quit when it gets tough.  

Company during cross-training. Runners must work all our muscles in order to be prepared for race day and be fully fit.We all have our own reasons for doing yoga (flexibility, injury prevention, mental clarity, low-impact cross-training), but in the end, we just enjoy being on the mat together. (Who else will take your Instagram photo of your favorite pose?) 

Moral support and accountability. Whether we’re posting #MotivationMonday quotes on Instagram, sending group texts or coordinating team runs and events, we keep each other motivated to do and be more. Your running friends tend to have the same mentality as you, and whether you’re feeling energized or sluggish, someone will know what to say or do to get you moving!

Fitness, fotos and fashion collide. Invest in matching team shirts for races! Or have a tutu-making-nights. You can also find some great fit apparel from lululemon athletica or get custom orders from Bend Active and Momo

The people! Running really is a community and you’ll enjoy making new friends and building relationships with local businesses. And this way, you know you’ll have someone to meet you at the start and/or finish line of that race.  

Someone to relate to. Someone else has likely experienced anything you’re experiencing! Injury, fatigue, stress, first dates, second dates, training schedules, weight loss, weight gain, burnout –  someone has been there, done that and will coach you through it!  

Drinks with friends are much more fun! Those who smoothie and juice together, stay together. Some great places to try are NOOMA and Samba Fresh.

Jams. No need for updating your music or spending money on iTunes because your running buddies will chat away the miles… or sing to you, if you prefer! Save your ‘Power Songs’ running playlist for your next race!

Happiness. Maybe its that “runner’s high” or maybe runners just tend to have positive energy, either way, our group of running and yoga-ing friends are all smiles. Who doesn’t love being surrounded by a bunch of blissed-out, optimistic people?  

So go grab a friend [or five] and hit the trail! You’ll actually enjoy that race training schedule and you’ll wish you hadn’t waited so long. 


Teresa Gellenbeck is a business teacher & owner, blogger at Living Fit Columbus, runner and wife/momma. She loves working with people of all ages to inspire health & happiness. Follow her on Instagram and share your Cbus FIT photos at #livingfitcolumbus!