How I’m Going to Make This Year WAY Better Than Last

This past year was one kick-butt year, and I am thoroughly prepared to make this upcoming year even better. Here is how I plan to make sure I don’t stay stagnant or complacent as I dive into 2015.

Who’s with me?

Mix It Up
As a former college athlete who had a strict workout regimen consisting of four years of practice, cardio and weights in almost any form you can think of, I truly value the importance of mixing up my workouts. Not only does it work out different muscles, but it prevents boredom—which is crucial when it comes to maintaining a workout schedule over a significant amount of time.

While I want to continue my three days a week of hot yoga, I plan to do one class a week that I have never done before. With the ClassPass network of studios, I can access 1,000s of different classes like spinning, pilates, yoga, strength-training, dance, martial arts and more. First on my list? Breakdancing classes, parkour and laughing yoga.


Welcome a Challenge
Whether it be taking on a new skill, learning a language, taking dance lessons or being a better budgeter, I plan to fully welcome a challenge. When challenged we are taken outside our comfort zone and often forced to learn something different about ourselves. With that knowledge, we can take great steps in self-improvement.

So when I desperately want to ditch the gym, get out of a hard pose or buy that pair of shoes I know I do not need, I plan to step up and welcome a self-control as a challenge.

Share the Joy
Becoming better individuals is wonderful, but helping others become their best selves as well is really taking that joy to the next level. That could be as simple as holding the door for the person in front of you, smiling at a neighbor or helping a co-worker with a project. Even sharing your fantastic new recipe with your bestie or bringing your mom to yoga – it’s the small little joys that add up as you share them with the people you come into contact with.

Cheers to 2015.