This Isn’t Your Typical Pilates Class. Trust Us.

One of my goals for the New Year is to incorporate more strength training. As someone who loves to race in half-marathons, I know that staying strong will help me run stronger. Building and toning muscle isn’t something that only a runner should think about though – getting stronger can help you push harder and last longer in any cardio class.

With benefits like that, you would think it easy to add in strength-training to a workout routine. I thought so too, but just kept coming up with a reason not to go to the gym and lift weights. I had lost my motivation and wasn’t sure how to find it again. 

That all changed when I started trying new classes around the city. I realized that these classes all had three things in common: they motivated me, challenged me, and were fun!

These key components of a great class really make the difference in whether I workout or not, and I look for them when I hear about a class. If you’re in San Francisco and looking for a pilates class that’s really different from the other ones you’ve tried, you must sign-up for Burn S.F.’s Pilates-Style classnow.

Here’s why:

Motivating! Finding a motivating class can be tricky, especially when that can mean something different to each person and even change with mood. Most classes accomplish this by having a great instructor talk you through your workout and pump you up. Burn S.F. delivered and my instructor was just the right amount of upbeat to keep me going. 

Challenging! Burn S.F. combines pilates moves with HIIT (high intensity interval training!). I;m not kidding when I say that I doubt there was a muscle I didn’t work out in that class. This was a full-body workout with cardio, and you will feel the burn everywhere you want to. I was sore for two days after the class, but it was that good kind of sore that lets you know you just got that much stronger.

Fun! I had such a great experience at Burn S.F.. I had never tried Pilates before and we used a board with so many different things attached to it, that I thought I’d need a lesson beforehand. Not once did I feel out of place or behind though because the instructor was so quick to help me out without stopping the class a moment. Music is another thing that is incredibly motivating for me and this was one of the best playlists I have listened to. 

This was one of those rare classes that you know you’ll have fun at and get in a great workout. I know I’ll definitely be back to help keep my body strong and my workouts motivating.

Sign-up for Burn S.F. now. Not in San Francisco? Search for strength-training and HIIT classes in 21 other cities with ClassPass.



Kara Price is a 20-something living in San Francisco! She loves running in races, finding great vegan spots, and drinking all the tea. Follow her blog, Instagram, and Twitter.