3 Ways ClassPass Can Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Work: The one place many of us spend majority of our hours each week.

Exercise: The one place we are always hopeful to spend time in, but it doesn’t always pan out that way, does it?

As someone who works in an industry with irregular hours – many weeks of which came become extremely demanding of upwards of 70 hours a week – I had a tough time committing to a regular fitness routine. Signing up for a gym membership was the easy part; committing to going to the gym after work was the hard part. It’s been almost four years since I started signing up for gym memberships and without a hitch, year after year, I’ve somehow managed to only make use of these memberships a handful of times a year.

With 2015 just starting, I’ve made a promise to myself to kick the old habits and start fresh. No more binge-working and making up excuses for skipping gym days. Instead, I have a goal to maintain the level of fitness I started towards the end of 2014 (when I first joined ClassPass), and be consistent with this over the next 52 weeks. Maintenance sounds easy in theory but can be really hard in practice with the unpredictable work schedules– and life in general.

“How is this year going to be any different than the last few?” is the question I found myself asking when I made this goal. 2015 is different because I’ve learned the kind of person I am when it comes to fitness.  For these reasons, ClassPass will help me with to manage my work-life balance.


I don’t do well with being self-motivated in the fitness department. All those months of unused gym memberships was because I didn’t have someone else to help keep me accountable to going. Even if I had someone to go with, it was challenging to find the motivation after a long work day to push myself on a treadmill, or complete the last rep of weights, or sink just one teeny 1/4 of an inch more in a lunge. I found myself thriving in instructed classes — things like yoga, barre and spinning with an instructor and a class full of motivational members made me want to push myself to put my best foot forward in every class.



Another thing I learned from my past is that I have difficulty with sticking to a single type of activity for prolonged periods of time. Aside from gym memberships, I’ve tried committing to single studios at six-month intervals. The first two-three months always went swimmingly, and then the rest of the months would get neglected because I would start rationalizing other priorities in my life (which, in hindsight, weren’t really priorities) as excuses. With that in mind, I had a blast with ClassPass towards the end of 2014. In November and December. I tried out a handful of studios with different classes, and always kept workouts interesting. 



With ClassPass, when a specific class at a specific studio isn’t available, it doesn’t matter because there are lots of other classes at different studios that I’m also interested in and can slot into my calendar. Being able to have that flexibility was the key to finding a “routine” that works to manage work and life. It’s far from a regular routine with predictable hours, but it’s what will work best to keep me motivated, interested, and excited, for my fitness goal this year! 




Katrina is a writer at her blog The Demure Muse. She loves spinning, barre, yoga, and topping every salad with a heaping handful of pistachios! Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.