5-Minute Beauty Hacks You Need to Try Post Class

Be it bootcamp or barre, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself after a nice, sweaty workout… that is until you open your gym bag and realize you forgot… everything you need to get ready for work (or those post-work happy hour drinks).  

Not to worry, lady — you can score a fresh — look in five minute or less. How? Keep a stash of these go-to sneaky products in your desk at work for when you forget the make-up bag at home. You can thank us later for the tricks:


How to look like you showered… when, um, you didn’t.
Greasy roots got you grossed out? If you forgot your go-to dry shampoo, take a pinch of baby powder between your thumb and pointer finger, and rub it all around your roots. The talc in the powder will absorb the excess oil and take away any shininess.
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How to look like you’re wide awake… when you’d rather be napping.
Your eyes are starting to shut even though spin class gave you that burst of energy you were craving all day. One way to wake up? A pearl or cream-colored eye shadow. Fake a wide-eyed look by pressing your finger on the palate and tapping a little on the inner corner of each eye. Voila! You’re awake!
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How to look like you just got a haircut… when you’ve been forgetting for months.
Dry split ends this winter are really a drag. But make those locks shine with… lotion. We’re serious! Dab a dime-sized dollop of lotion on your hands and pull downward on the tips of your hair  avoiding the root. Not only will it moisturize your dried-out ends, but it will also help keep flyaways and frizzies at bay.
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How to get bombshell volume in your hair… when you’re feeling less than glam.
Give your limp locks some za-za-zoo by packing an extra (clean and toothepaste-free) toothbrush in your gym bag to create a messy, textured look. Start with the top-to-middle strands and tease upwards to achieve some volume. It’s surprisingly gentler than a comb and does the trick just as fast.
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How to create that warm glow in your cheeks… when it’s 20 degrees outside.
When the weather is basically awful outside, fake a fresh face with a pretty glow by using this makeup bag staple: blush. Suck your cheeks in and rub the color lightly along your cheekbones. You can also use a rosy red lip color — just be careful not to overdo it (Lady Gaga is the only one who can rock that!). 
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How to get rid of static when you need to look hot on your date… stat. 
Was there an electric current running through class – or was that just your heart rate? Dryer sheets can work wonders on unruly hair. They’re life savers for eliminating static frizz that comes along with winter’s brutally harsh cold fronts. Pack a few in your gym back and rub one on your brush or comb — you’ll be amazed at its taming talents.
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