How My Fiancé and I Plan to Get Fit For the Big Day

George and I first met at work about five years ago and we dated for a few years before getting engaged. George proposed while we were on our great Tour de California vacation last May. We were at Point Lobos, just south of Carmel, standing on the beach when George suddenly dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring! My first response was “Are you serious?!” followed quickly by a “YES!” – and the rest is history!

We are now knee-deep in wedding planning and trying to get a lot accomplished before the big day. We have an entire wedding to plan, but we also both have fitness goals we’d like to meet by then. George and I sat down to talk to ClassPass about our fitness goals for 2015 and how we’re getting ready for the big day: 


ClassPass: What’s your current fitness schedule like?
Miranda: George and I are getting married in June 2015. I bought an absolutely stunning wedding dress at a sample sale, but I need to lose a few pounds if I want to properly fit in it when our wedding day rolls around. Getting fit and healthy for our wedding is something that I have to do! Despite the fact that June is quickly coming our way, I have been on a fitness hiatus for the past couple of months. I have a full-time job, a blog, a YouTube channel and a wedding to plan! Fitness has not been my highest priority lately, but the New Year will bring new motivation. My fiance on the other hand?

George: I am an avid exerciser and do many forms of physical fitness. I participate in yoga, spinning, lifting weights, TRX and many CrossFit and bootcamp classes. I exercise vigorously 5 to 6 days a week, and think it is important to alter exercises often and not do the same thing too many times in a week. My goal with ClassPass is to use the different fitness clubs to continue to expand my physical fitness repertoire and find new and different ways to stay in shape.


Question: What makes it difficult to meet your fitness goals?
M: George is a complete fitness junkie, and he has been since before I met him. I, on the other hand, go through phases. I tend to get really into something for a couple of months and then the excitement wears off. George and I were going to yoga together for a while, but our schedules got so hectic that it became tough to find the time to go together. I didn’t want to go alone! I much prefer to exercise with a partner (I need the extra motivation).

G: Soon we will be living together and I’m certain she will quickly become addicted to scheduling TV shows instead of watching them, and thus, making more time to go to class. I know motivation is extremely important when starting an exercise program, and I think the wedding may get her back into a fitness phase – plus, I’m excited to encourage and help her, too!


What would help you to meet your fitness goals?
M:I know how important it is to get exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. When I am in a fitness phase, I feel so much stronger and more energized. I’m really anxious to start fresh in 2015 and make some changes to live a healthier, happier life. I have some girlfriends who have already committed to helping me stay on track with my diet and I’m so glad that George will be trying out ClassPass with me!

G:  I’m very excited for our wedding and I can’t wait to be married to Miranda! I’m going to keep working together with her so we can meet our fitness goals for the wedding. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun. Also, I love her and she is great.

M: I made him say that last line!



Miranda Jones works in research by day and writes a fashion blog by night in Houston, Texas. She's a cat mom, a shopping enthusiast and a surprisingly chill bride-to-be. Follow her on Twitter.