The Pyramid Workout is About to Change Your Life (and Bod)

Variety is the spice of life!

This quote applies to every aspect of our lives including our workout schedule. I am a firm believer in switching up your workout all the time. Plus, I don’t know about you, but hitting the gym and doing the same routine gets boring, right? Every time I work out I try to set a goal for myself. Some are more intense than others like increasing weight by 5 pounds, or no resting on the treadmill. One goal that definitely shows results is: no stopping during my pyramid workout. When I have an end goal, I feel that I focus, push myself more and work harder. It’s almost like I don’t want to let myself down by not fulfilling it.

Now, you might be asking: what is a pyramid workout? You’re about to fall in love – I am obsessed. It is a workout style that challenges both your mind and body.

Pyramid training is highly-effective, kick-ass and lots of fun … because the routines are always changing! But here is the twist: you’re not focusing on completing an exercise in a certain amount of time, but rather completing a certain amount of reps and recording how long it takes you to complete the circuit. So, if you are like me and you are in a class and the trainer says, “Ok, 30 more seconds!” and you’re not motivated that day, it’s easy to take your sweet time and only do 2 or 3 more reps. (No shame – we all do it!)

Well, say bye-bye to slacking because with the pyramid workout you can’t move onto the next exercise until you finish the given number of reps. I find that it encourages me to do the reps faster, because I am always excited to move on, and plus, it’s always exciting when you are the first person done.

For some reason I pay more attention to my form, too. Knowing I have to do 20 reps makes me make sure I do them correctly. Every pyramid workout is a different cycle of exercises, so it keeps your workouts fun and exciting. I am warning you now: it will be challenging, but the feeling after you complete the workout is worth the pain. It is one of the most rewarding and sweaty feelings ever.

We all live crazy, hectic lives, and the busier we get, the less time we have to work out. Here is the best part: with pyramid training you are working out for no longer than an hour. Because it is so intense, you will burn double the calories than if you would have just jumped on the elliptical for an hour.

It is easy to find classes that use the Pyramid System (thanks to ClassPass, we have a variety to choose from) – just look for circuit training courses and apply the rules of the Pyramid System to your class. (Get more info here.)   

Jessica Carroll is a on camera host, feel-good-fashion blogger and life enthusiast, who has a passion for fashion and living a healthy, confident lifestyle. Jessica inspires her viewers on her blog and YouTube Channel to use fashion and fitness as tools to make their lives better, and to feel good about the skin they‘re in. You can also catch Jessica interviewing celebrities on the red carpet for LA LIVE, recapping TV shows on AfterbuzzTV, and sharing lifestyle tips on WestsideTV.