How ClassPass Introduced Me to My Fitness BFF

ClassPass has changed my life majorly since the fall of 2014 when I was first introduced to the amazing fitness website that started popping off in L.A. Within my first month of making the rounds at some super rad studios in my hood and beyond, I was introduced to Stacy Yip’s 5:45am “Bootcamp” at UEvolution Mind and Body – and I haven’t been the same since. It was this singular bootcamp that really changed my mind about fitness and what it mean to be healthy, and I owe it all to Stacy who I has since become my trainer.

Since starting with ClassPass, I now exercise six days a week and Stacy is not only my trainer, but my workout bestie. It’s her infectious enthusiasm and positivity (which also happen to be adjectives people also use for me) that made us immediately click. When we are together, we’re unstoppable. ClassPass and Yip have already helped me shed 22 pounds, but more importantly, has made me an even stronger woman both physically and mentally.

Frankly, I’m not sure how I’d be without either Stacy or ClassPass – it’s truly been a life-changing experience.

With the anticipation of 2015, I have been talking a lot with Stacy about my personal health and fitness goals. I have discovered that having a coach (like I did as an athlete for much of my life) to encourage me, to put me in check, and to monitor my strengths and weaknesses makes for the most optimal results. At the top of each week I sit down with my trainer who helps me choose ClassPass workouts that allow me to hit the goals I need, while keeping me excited; because I am never bored, it’s easy for me to stay positive and motivated.

And perhaps most importantly, having someone in my workout corner who purely wants to see me thrive is an incredible feeling!  

My major goals for this year are to get my body back into athletic shape, continue to thrive in Taekwondo (I’m currently a yellow belt) and to maintain all of the healthy habits Stacy has instilled in me. I am so psyched for what the future of 2015 holds!