The Best Class For Whatever You’re Stressing Out About

When you feel your stress levels peaking, the physical benefits from taking a fitness class can boost your mood and tame your tension. But, not every type of stress can be relieved by just any workout.

Here’s our class suggestions based on whatever is making you anxious – from your (lack of) love life to job frustrations – sign-up for one of these now:


Work is Way Too Busy


Career stress can impact all areas of your life. Carrying an unreasonable workload (for insufficient pay), being passed over for promotions or just working for a terrible boss can have you tense and depressed. The answer to taming career stress may be found in a kickboxing class. Get your confidence up and your aggression out by spending 45 minutes kicking, throwing punches and fantasizing that you are beating down your difficult boss.  


Your Love Life Doesn’t Exist… Or Isn’t Going Too Hot


For even the most careful planners, there is no schedule when it comes to love. Arguments, emotionally handicapped partners or even just finding a date in the first place can make you feel out of control. That lack of control can cause stress. To relieve some of this stress, try taking a few spin classes. The rhythmic flow of spinning actually relaxes your mind and helps you focus your energy. As your heart rate rises through hills and jumps, a burst of endorphins will give you the much-needed boost of positivity you need to face the ups and downs of your love life.


You’re Feeling Insecure About Your Body Image


You’re now on the other side of the holidays and facing the consequences of your revelry. If you are stressing about how you will look in your leather leggings, try popping into the gym for a bodyweight training class. Bodyweight training helps you leverage your own weight to increase your overall strength. After an intense session, you are guaranteed to stop thinking about what’s wrong with your body and start appreciating the amazing things your body is capable of.  


You Love Your Friends… But They Annoy You Sometimes


If you’ve been dragged in the middle of a fight between two friends or you’ve been tagged in an unflattering picture posted by a friend, you’ve had friend stress. In the complicated world of modern friendships, sometimes you need to skip happy hour and head to barre. Not only will the music and graceful movement calm your friend-fried nerves, but the mix of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training helps create lean muscle.


Your Family Just Doesn’t Get You (Today, Anyway)


While we look to our families for comfort, we often get tension instead. Whether it’s a long-standing issue with a sibling, an ailing grandparent or a pushy mom, family stress is often the kind we hold in and hold onto for long periods of time. That’s why it’s important to bring this kind of stress to the mat. Try restorative yoga as a healthy and non-confrontational release. Restorative yoga focuses on “passive postures” and employs props that help support your muscles. Instead of strengthening and stretching the muscles, the focus is on relieving the grip of muscular tension.


You’ve Got Money on the Mind


If you find your teeth begin to clench when you think about paying your credit card bills or are feeling overwhelmed by paying student loans and investing for your retirement at the same time, it might be time to go for a run. Here is the thing about running – it’s free. In addition not contributing to you money woes, running helps increase your brain’s production of feel-good endorphins, putting you in a better mood. Running also helps your brain to focus and improves clarity. So, while you can’t literally run away from your money problems, that focus and clarity might just help you solve them.



Daria Meoli is a writer living in New Jersey. She loves running, spinning and yoga, but her favorite workout is chasing her kids.