Why Loving Yourself Should Be On Your To-Do List This Year

Why shouldn’t you love your smart, sassy and beautiful self is a better question, because you’re a one-of-a-kind type of amazing! It’s truly an awesome feeling when a small spark lights a fire inside of you and you become alive. Self-love is about more than just not picking apart your physical flaws and eliminating negative self-talk from your vocabulary, though those are important too. It’s about being your own number one cheerleader and inspiring those around you by letting your true and genuine self shine through. The first step in this journey is believing. You have to truly believe in your own worth, beauty, talent and ambition before anyone else will believe in it too.

Self-love inherently has a selfish connotation since it’s seemingly all about you and not about the others around you, but when you start to dig a little deeper, you start to realize that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Loving yourself will make you a better wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, friend and employee, which is anything but selfish.

It allows you to be fully present and there for those who need your support. It also allows you to be ready to love fully, share your gifts, and come from a place of love and acceptance, instead of a place of stress, worry and doubt, so you can be there for the people who have supported you in the past and return the favor.

You will also reap some benefits from self-love too. When you make the decision to start loving yourself, your entire world will start to change. All of a sudden you will start to accomplish things you never dreamed of just because you were confident enough to gamble on yourself and see what could happen. You might even tap into a creative side of yourself you may never have known you had inside of you because you loved yourself enough to explore it. You’ll become more successful than you were before because you believe in everything you do and it shows. People will start to respect you more because you respect and love yourself. Not to mention the people closest to you start to see you change right before their eyes.

The challenge of loving one’s self is one that will never be complete. It will always be a work in progress and some days and weeks will be better than others, but that’s okay because being perfect isn’t the point here. Learning to love yourself enough to let yourself be who you were meant to be in order to live the life you were meant to live is. Achieving what’s meant to be doesn’t require perfection, but it does require an open heart, an open mind and the ability to forgive yourself and others in order to move on when things don’t go according to plan.

So how do you start down the path of self-love? Treat yourself like you’re someone special, because you are. Set aside time for a relaxing bubble bath, manicure or whatever else makes you feel special. Stop saying sorry for things that aren’t your fault, but take responsibility for your actions and deal with the consequences also. Forgive yourself and others for things you’ve been hanging on to. Stop picking your body apart and using negative self-talk. Set goals and work toward achieving them. Remember it’s okay if you’re not perfect because no one else is either.

So with that being said, I’d like to challenge you all to start practicing self-love in 2015 because you deserve the best.


Tricia Johnson is taking life by the horns in 2015 and living by the motto “Be the best version of you.” She’s also an all-around fitness junkie living in Seattle, WA, with a passion for running, cycling, Bikram Yoga and bootcamp style classes.