Why Working Out in Brooklyn is Really the Best

Besides being known as the hipster and family alternative to Manhattan, it’s also a bit of a workout gem. Dare we say it, but we even took the best spin class in Brooklyn! Ever. That’s saying something, isn’t it?

We’re two friends who decided to spend a weekend discovering some of the most unique, fun and intense workouts Brooklyn has to offer with ClassPass. Here’s a little glimpse of what we found: 

Friday night at the Brooklyn Zoo
One word: falling. Literally, falling everywhere (guess that’s what you get when you try parkour for the first time). But we were also falling back in love with having fun while working out. We had both forgotten that it’s perfectly acceptable to giggle during a fitness class and that you don’t need an intense instructor to have a great workout. All you really need is a motivating environment, and the courage to try something new. Brooklyn Zoo was relaxed, instruction was hands off, and did we mention trampoline and tumbling were also part of the class (the best part!!)? It was a kids’ playground but an adult workout.
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Saturday Morning at Pure Barre
We both have a confession to make: this was our first pure barre class! With the boom in popularity, we too were surprised that we hadn’t yet given it a shot. Our conclusion? It’s hard to do when you’re already sore from the night before, it’s great paired with other workouts… and it is a very targeted workout. Luckily, our instructor was not only super-nice, but also helpful. Not in the “you’re doing everything wrong” kind of way but in the “this is new, let me help you” way.  
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Sunday afternoon at BYKlyn
To tell the truth, you can typically find us brunching, not biking, on a Sunday morning. But this was a different Sunday – and a different type of spinning class! Well, at it’s core it’s similar to other spinning classes, but what makes it different is the way it feels. It’s not pretentious, it’s humble. It’s a hardcore workout, but it’s so enjoyable…fun, even! The staff and instructor were ridiculously nice and motivating. We walked away thinking 9 a.m. spinning classes on Sunday should be permanently part of our schedule.. that’s how much we enjoyed it.
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