5 Easy Ways To Take Your Fitness to the Next Level (With Classes!)

This year as I sat down to think about my New Year’s resolution for 2015 I am proud of how over the last few years I’ve incorporated fitness into my life. It has been a journey with ups and down, but I am happy to report at the end of 2014 that I look forward to my workouts, and it has become a habit to get in multiple sweat sessions a week!

So what do you resolve to accomplish when you are happy with your current fitness routine? Marathons and Tough Mudders aren’t on my radar, so what’s a girl to aspire to? After much deliberation I’ve decided 2015 is my year to tackle a bunch of smaller goals, and take my strength and endurance to the next level!

I’ve broken down my 5 goals by my favorite workouts, that way whenever I take a class I will have a specific focus. By taking on a couple of smaller resolutions in 2015 I hope to achieve a stronger, healthier me!


Bootcamp classes are split between strength-training on the floor and cardio on treadmills, or other variations. I have never been much of a runner, and in the past I would dread when it was my turn to drop the weights and turn up the speed. But over the past few months I’ve slowly begun to feel more confident, and even find myself starting to find a stride. With this budding confidence I would like to work up my speed, and hit double digits for my sprint. Each class of 2015 will give me a chance to push that treadmill just a bit faster, and hopefully find myself matching those called out speeds.


Way back in the day I used to dance, and barre classes help me fill a void left from no longer spending 3-4 days in a dance studio. I love classes where my legs shake during thigh work and I am able to feel the burn during seated ab work. But my barre goal is all about the arms, shoulders and back. For 2015 I want to graduate from push-ups on my knees forever. For this goal I will train both in class and at home to make these pushups routine. The reward will be crushing sets in the studio – all on my toes.



According to the Chinese Calendar 2015 is the Year of the Goat, but for me it will be the Year of the Crow! I have flirted with holding crow pose, but have not completely taken flight. But with my added arm strength from my Barre goal, and lots of practice I will be able to tackle my first arm balance.


SPX Pilates

This is one of my favorite workouts. Even after years of attending classes I am challenged in new ways each time I show up and get on the megaformer (like a Pilates reformer or steroids!). Each move works muscles to the point of fatigue, and moving at a slow steady pace is the goal. My challenge for these classes is actually a mantra from one of my favorite instructors. Whenever I feel like I need to take a break, I need to wait and do one more rep! This goal will build strength and also help me tackle the common pitfall of letting my mind tell me I can’t when my body knows it can!



Spin is a newer fitness hobby of mine, but I have quickly fallen in love with it. It’s a great way for me to get in a cardio workout. In 2015 I hope to turn up the resistance and bring the speed! This means pushing myself every class with the end goal being to get on the Torque Board at FlyWheel!


Margaret Jackson is a designer living in Boston. She’s totally addicted to Megaformer Pilates, all things barre and potato chips. Follow her adventures at Balancing Blonde.