10 Gifts For the Yogi in Your Life

We all have one, that flexible yogi friend who totes her mat to brunch and raves about the heart-opening vinyasa flow class she just took. But if you’re not hitting the mat regularly, don’t worry, we’ve dug up the gifts your yogi is pining for (even if she doesn’t know it yet).
So, take a deep breath, set your intention and start gifting! Namaste.
For the sweet tooth
Satisfy that craving with this gorgeous set of chocolates. Each box features seven flavors (like ginger/lemongrass) and is marked with one of the seven yogic energy centers. 
Give it now: Chakara Chocolates, $30
For the baker
From Crescent Lunge to Tree pose, these yoga posture-inspired cookie cutters are a must-have in any yogi‘s kitchen. And who knows, you might get a sweet treat in return one day!
Give it now: Asana Cookie Cutters, $40
For their stocking
If your yogi friend has been musing about an Om tattoo for ages but hasn’t made the jump to the real thing, here’s their chance to test it out! 
For their meditation 
A good yogi knows regular meditation is vital to a strong practice, so if they’re traveling for the holidays, they’ll definitely want to pack this.
Give it now: Inflatable Meditation Tuft, $27
For their feet
Intention can go a long way in yoga class, and these inspirational socks also look adorable while holding Half Moon.
Give it now: Inspirational Grippy Socks, $11
For a splurge 
Design your yogi friend a custom mat that will never get mixed up with someone else’s at class and help make their practice even more personal.
Give it now: Monogramed Yoga Mat, $53
For hydration 
Insulating for both hot and cold beverages, this water bottle is perfect in and out of class. Plus, you can even make a 5 percent donation to the charity of your choice.
Give it now: Water Bottle, $34
For sweat
Inspire your yogi friend to give it their all in class without being worried about slipping on their mat in Downward Dog.
Give it now: Grippy Towel, $64
For their guy
If you know they’ve been trying to get their significant other to take class with them but haven’t had any luck, a clever mat or shoulder bag may help!
Give it now: Brogamats, $35-50
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