9 People Who Could Have Used ClassPass Flex

In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods could have used her ClassPass membership in Los Angeles and then in Boston after she moved to become a big-time, case-winning law student. 



In How I Met Your Mother, if Ted had actually moved to Chicago, he could have worked out there and when he came back to NYC to hang out with the gang. 



In Crossroads, when Britney Spears went cross-country with her besties, they all could have stopped along the way to sneak in a dance, spin or yoga class.



If Thelma & Louise had taken exercise classes across the country, they would have been working on their guns instead of using them for crime. (Happy people don’t kill, right Elle?!)



In the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Tibby could have taken classes to release her feelings about her friends leaving, and then in the second movie, she could used the same membership to work out while going to NYU.



In Bridesmaids, Annie and Lillian could have actually gone to an outdoor bootcamp instead of sneaking in on one…



In Save the Last Dance, Sara moves to Chicago to pursue her ballet career, and then eventually goes on to Julliard in New York City. Her ClassPass membership would have worked in both cities – and even gotten her an edge on her hip-hop moves. 


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Lindsay Tigar is the editorial and PR director for ClassPass in New York City. She’s an avid runner, a circuit-training and barre fan, and will eat anything truffled. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter. You can email her at LTigar@classpass.com.

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