7 Ridiculously Healthy Thanksgiving Sides (NomNomNom)



Why it’s healthy: Little did you know your new healthy Thanksgiving dessert was hiding in a recipe consisting of only three ingredients – and one of them fruit! So slice your sliver of apple pie in half sub the rest in with these heavenly – and guilt-free – treat.
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Why it’s healthy: This ridiculously healthy (and mouthwatering) mashed potatoes recipe will make you forget all about your mama’s famous side. And with just 60 calories per serving, you can go ahead and grab seconds (and thirds!).
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Why it’s healthy: A sweet pumpkin dip that’s actually great for you? Say what?! This crowd-pleasing staple of your future Thanksgiving get togethers is only 117 calories per serving (¼ a cup) thanks to its key ingredient, Greek yogurt.
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Why it’s healthy: Aaah Brussels sprouts, the mother of all things savory and satisfyingly good for you. Without even realizing it (because, let’s be honest, there’s maple syrup in this recipe), you’re feasting your taste buds on a Thanksgiving dish that’s jam-packed with vitamin C and vitamin K (flu-fighting bonuses!).
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Why it’s healthy: Bread that’s made of some of this season’s fave ingredients, but won’t make you bloat? This moist, mouthwatering loaf is filled with sneaky healthy items like greek yogurt, which helps keeps your digestive track in top-notch condition.
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Why it’s healthy: Quinoa is not only one of the most protein-rich foods you can possibly eat, but it also contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains — win, win! Mix it with some fiber-filled sweet potatoes and antioxidant-rich apples, and you’ve got one healthy meal on your plate.
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Jenn Sinrich is an editor in New York City, a self-proclaimed foodie always looking for the healthier version of all recipes, a passionate lover of all things cheese, a friendly New Yorker, Bostonian at heart and proud Red Sox fan. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. 


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