6 Reasons to Love Your Amazing Body

You give yourself free therapy
When you make physical contact with someone and hug them, the brain signals the pituitary gland to release oxytocin, a hormone responsible for lowering both our heart rate and our cortisol (hormone responsible for stress and high blood pressure) levels. Dopamine is also released, which is that “feel good” pleasure hormone.

You strengthen your heart by taking class. 
Spin class with great jams? Thanks to a study proving that music helps raise your cardiovascular health, due to its ability to trigger changes in heart rate and blood pressure. 

You just keep getting stronger. 
Just like your skin and cells, bone is a living tissue that evolves as you do. Scientifically, bone strengthens, grows and evolves as we grow, peaking in our youth, and then slowly declining as we age. We can help prevent bone loss, however, with regular exercise. Pro tip: the best exercises for bone health are those which are weight bearing, such as walking, jogging or dancing.

You get better just by sleeping. 
Sleep services nearly every aspect of our body. It is essential for the brain and affects our immune health, stress hormones, appetite, cardiovascular health and more.  Research shows lack of sleep is linked to increased risk of disease (such as heart disease) and obesity, thanks to the repair and regulation that occurs through the night.   

You’re a walking computer
In addition to our smart phones and tablets, there’s another computer that you carry with you each day — your brain. The ability of the brain to download, organize, process, calculate and react is faster and smarter than any piece of technology out there. It helps you anticipate and assess circumstances, and then orders your muscles to act, which explains why you can catch that falling yoga mat that you had leaned up against the door when you got home.

The body is a crazy, complex system. Simply put, if you love your body it will seamlessly take care of the above processes and more, loving you back.


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Spurred by her love of running and devotion to clean, healthy eating, Kim McDevitt is a Registered Dietitian, specializing in the female athlete, and is the National Educator for a plant-based nutrition company, Vega. Follow Kim on Twitter or get personalized nutrition support from Kim by clicking here.

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