Work Out Anywhere (Yes, Anywhere!) With ClassPass Flex


Going back to your hometown for the holidays and you’re worried about sticking to your workout routine? Or do you travel so much that you’ve legit considered buying a gym membership in a few cities just so you can stay in shape?

ClassPass has you covered with ClassPass Flex.

With your membership, you now can take classes in any ClassPass city (see the full list below). If you love Flywheel in New York – try it in Los Angeles next time you visit. Addicted to Pure Barre? Try it in three different cities if you’d like. Going on a work trip for two weeks next month? No problem – sign up for classes before you even board your flight… for no additional cost. It’s all included in your ClassPass membership until the end of the year! 

Are you excited? Awesome. We are too! Here’s how it works: 

-Log in to your ClassPass account. (Not a member? Sign up now.) 

-Click on ‘Classes’ or ‘Studios’ – however you like to find fun new classes to take.

-On the right-hand side, you’ll see a drop-down menu with our cities listed. Just select the city you want to book a class in.

-Search for everything from barre and spin to yoga and rock climbing. 

-Hit register once you find a class.

-Go have a lot of sweaty fun!

PS: If you don’t see Flex, try logging out and back in! 

We’re currently in the cities below (and launching more and more): 

-Dallas/Fort Worth
-Kansas City
-Las Vegas
-Los Angeles/Orange County
-Minneapolis/St. Paul
-New York
-San Diego
-San Francisco 
-St. Louis
-Washington, D.C.

The best fitness studios, classes, and experiences are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, all with one membership. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram!