Change How You Think About Class… and Change Everything

Stop looking at the clock and focus on your body.
Who enjoys watching a clock tick by? When you’re doing something fitness-related that’s fun, the time will go by so fast you’ll wonder how it’s already over. Instead of wondering how much more time is left in that barre class you’ll be counting down the minutes until the next class.

Think of class as a social opportunity: bring a friend – meet a friend!
One of the best ways to have fun with fitness is by bringing a friend along with you or even meeting a new friend while you’re there. You’re surrounded by people doing something that you enjoy… and they do too! Use that common interest for bonding and that’s definitely a fun atmosphere.


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Cara Griffin is the blogger behind Fit Busy Female. She can be found running the streets of Chicago, taking on any new fitness challenge thrown at her, or hanging out with her daughter and husband. 

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