Breakouts? No Thanks! How to Care For Your Skin Post Class


There’s nothing like a great workout to help ease the mind and body. But with sweat flying all over the equipment and the temptation to wipe your face constantly, you can easily score some serious skin care issues.

While it’s easy to forget little things like skin care in the heat of your workout, you can prevent acne and other horrible breakouts by following these simple tips before and after your workout!

Wash your face – before and after class.




When you’re squeezing in a workout during your lunch break, it’s hard to resist just leaving your makeup on during a workout. But it’s super important to always take off face makeup before sweating. Washing your face, or even wiping it with a disposable makeup-remover wipe, will prevent congestion and oil buildup in your pores. Always carry in your gym bag a pack of face cleansing wipes for an on-the-go clean up. No excuses! 

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After class, hydrate your skin.




Just like you would want to hydrate your body with water after a workout, you wouldn’t want to forget to hydrate your skin. Always carry toner so you can restore your skins natural pH balance. Those couple mists of toner will feel so refreshing. A good toner will help revitalize and freshen your skin quick!

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Before you put on makeup, moisturize your skin.




Depending on your moisturizer, it can provide a whole array of nourishing benefits. I usually opt for a moisturizer with SPF so I can take care of two things at once! You can also consider choose a tinted moisturizer to cover up any imperfections if necessary. Your skin will thank you later.

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Before you get dressed, use a good body wash.




Bacne? No thanks. While it may seem like common sense,  I’m guilty of running out of a class to go do errands, and then use the excuse that “my clothes are dry” to refuse changing. Ideally, you should shower after your workout. But we understand the hustle and bustle of the city life can make you busy.

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Before you head to work, grab a vitamin-rich smoothie. 



I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your skin is probably desperate for an antioxidant boost if you’re an athlete. One way to get your vitamin fix is with a smoothie. A berry-enriched smoothie can give you more than enough. I personally love smoothie. You can also choose to add another item to your skin regimen and add a serum. Specific serums are enhanced with things like bio-complexes and/or collagen to feed your skin inside out. It’ll surely provide you with an immediate boost of radiance to keep that post workout glow!

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Ariella Trotsenko is an athletic student living in New York City. She’s a hardcore bootcamper, a beagle enthusiast and the ultimate smoothie lover. Follow her on Instagram.

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