10 Things No One Told You About Working Out in San Francisco

For those of you who live in San Francisco, the City by the Bay is a get-fit destination full of challenging and motivating classes — and more smoothies than you can drink in a lifetime. Not to mention – pretty gorgeous weather, year-round. 

With ClassPass, you can take a variety of classes, but you should probably know these things first:  

Don’t worry about lugging around a change of clothes after class.  Nikes are the new Toms and leggings are way hotter than skinny jeans.


Between walk-up apartments, walking up hilly-sidewalks and lugging around your heavy cross body filled with an iPad, laptop, four chargers and your extendable battery, it’s a workout just getting to class. 


You value your individualism, except when it comes back dancing to the beat of Beyonce at the end of your Bar Method Marina class. Gotta drop that booty on the beat!



You’ll go from one fitness studio obsession to the other, developing workout ADD, as the next “hot new thing” continues to hit the studios. 


You will officially become one of those people who refers to attending a yoga class as “your practice.” And you mean it. 




While other people spend half their lunch break hour waiting in line for a sandwich, you know that that time is better spent squeezing in a Wheel House express class.



Outdoor Bootcamp in the Marina in the morning is code for ‘let’s run up hills!’



When your workday takes a bad turn and you realize you might have to forfeit the class you booked that night, you get this feeling … 



Since start-ups are big here, you’ll see at least a few people in matching Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox tanks or tees in your class. 


You’re so addicted to taking class that you have a standing appointment in your calendar for going online to book classes. Your co-workers don’t have to ask you about it, because they’re doing it too. And when you’re successful, you feel like this…

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Ashley Pitt is a freelance writer, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and the creator of A Lady Goes West, a popular blog about her adventures in fitness, food and fun in San Francisco. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’ or Facebook.


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