12 Things No One Tells You About Bootcamp

Maybe you’re a barre enthusiast and want to up your cardio game, or you spin to your heart’s content, but want to do something without being trapped on a machine by your feet. So you think: “I want to take a bootcamp class!” With origins based in military training, this workout it’s not going to be easy – that’s for sure. 

Here’s what we wish someone would have told us before our first bootcamp class:


You’ll think bootcamp. Okay! Push-ups, that’s it, right?


But once you get started, you’ll realize that you’ll be moving non-stop. For an hour. 


When you’re doing intervals, you’ll wonder why one minute feels so long.


And burpees will not be your best friend (at first). And they have nothing to do with passing gas…


You’ll get a 15-second break – and all you’ll think is: Need. More. Air. 


You will both love and be afraid of your instructor. (They’re there to motivate!)


Jumping rope won’t be quite like it was when you were a kid. Trust us. 


You’ll try your very best not to think of all of the sweat from all of the people on all of the machines and equipment. 


Your entire body will feel like a sweaty hot mess after class. 


The next day, you’ll feel a little shaky.


But the high from that intense workout will be so addicting that you’ll have to sign up ASAP. After all, if you can nail bootcamp – you can do anything!


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Elyse Koenig is a recent Los Angeles transplant learning all things health and wellness in this sunny city. As a former dancer, she loves finding new, motivating ways to stay in shape and combat all of the amazing Mexican food she eats in LA! 

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