Meet the Studio Happiness Team!


The Studio Happiness team keeps the pulse on our awesome studio network by launching a new crop of amazing studios each week, responding to daily schedule changes, developing new partnership marketing ideas and sharing reservation and fitness trends to help our studios better meet their business goals.

Get to know our NYC-based studio happiness managers and their fitness journeys: 

Shari Castelli – Studio Happiness Manager

Where are you from? Where do you live in NYC now? I’m from the tiniest state on the map — Rhode Island. I went to NYU and have stayed in NYC ever since. I’ve been living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the past three years. I hate the commute into Manhattan but absolutely adore my neighborhood.

What’s the last class you took? RunStrong with RobinNYC. I’m training for the NYC marathon in November and this class is a godsend. Robin Arzon is super knowledgable and pushes me to limits I would never push myself.

What’s the hardest class you’ve ever taken? It’s a tie between Tone House and Brooklyn Bodyburn. They both bring such different kinds of non-stop intensity. With Tone House, it’s a mental game: from the warm-up to the cool down you’re challenging the limits of what you think you can do. And Brooklyn Bodyburn lives up to it’s name: your muscles are literally shaking, for hours after you leave class.

What made you fall in love with fitness? Especially as a woman, being able to do pull-ups is empowering! Working out taught me that feeling strong is so much better than feeling skinny. 

What’s in your class bag? Anything surprising? No room for anything out of the ordinary when you have to lug your stuff from class to work to class! But I always have my ALOHA dried green juice powder, an extra large BKR bottle (weighs a lot but worth it!) and nuun hydration tabs on hand.

If you could workout anywhere in the world, where would you?: I get to do my morning run on the beach in Barbados for one week every year, and I love every step.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Positive, generous, strong
Who is your celeb crush? Paul Rudd, because he is so likable and hilarious. I will (and do!) watch anything he’s in.

Other than fitness, what are three things you love? Long-haired dachshunds, inspirational memoirs — especially about Navy SEALs, and when my family is all in one place.

What’s the last text you sent? Group text to my four best friends raving about Lena Dunham’s new book. Tip: I highly recommend that you listen to the audio version, which she narrates herself. It’s laugh-out-loud-on-the-subway funny.

What’s the last photo you took? Me, sweaty and smiling post-half marathon this past Sunday. Leading up to the big one, I’m running every single New York Road Runners race this fall. Each finish line is a celebration and I always capture the moment, then Instagram it so my friends and family can be there, too! Follow me @whatsharisees to join in the magic!

Elizabeth Hathaway- Studio Happiness Manager

Where are you from? Where in NYC do you live now? I’m from Norwell, MA and I live in Union Square now.

What’s the last class you took? BFX FUSIONRIDE & CORE – highly recommend for those with fitness ADD looking to do a little bit of everything in one class! 

What’s the hardest class you’ve ever taken? Bikram Yoga always challenges me the most, because it’s just me against my inner self, trying to improve my poses and mental focus without a loud soundtrack to drown out those small nagging voices! 

What made you fall in love with fitness? The endorphins and energy! I can’t live without them.

What’s in your ClassPass bag? Anything surprising? The basics… but I’m actually more surprising by what I don’t have — did I really forget to pack a hair tie again

If you could workout anywhere in the world, where would it be? A bike ride down the Pacific Northwest coast sounds perfect for this Fall weather! 

What three words would your friends use to describe you? Adventurous, curious, a bit sarcastic…
Who is your celeb crush? Gisele – because have you seen her in the new UnderArmour commercial? Tom Brady is a close second. 

Other than fitness, what are three things you love: Travel, pizza and wine with friends, and a good book! 

What’s the last text you sent?  a Thumbs Up Emoticon.

What’s the last photo you took? A screenshot of coconut chia pudding ingredients for my next grocery store run.

Marina Pardee – Studio Happiness Manager

Where are you from? Where in NYC do you live now? From Aspen, Colorado and currently live in Tribeca. Love the quiet neighborhood feel and being close to the water! 

What’s the last class you took? Circuit of Change’s Mindbody Bootcamp – This class is the perfect mix of yoga, sweat and burn. I love the mindfulness aspect of the class, too.

What’s the hardest class you’ve ever taken? Concrete Fitness‘ TWINSANITY. The strength training class is already tough, but when you have two huge guys (who are twins) walking around patrolling to make sure you’re doing every move at 110% effort it brings it to a whole different level. Its a trek to get to but the workout is worth every second. 
What made you fall in love with fitness? I love a good endorphin rush and clear mind. Its also the perfect excuse to unplug and have “me” time for an hour.

What’s in your class bag? Anything surprising? Chloe roller ball perfume , Amika Dry Shampoo, eos chapstick, and a KIND bar.

If you could workout anywhere in the world, where would you? Machu Pichu! I grew up hiking all the time in Colorado and would love to experience those trails and ruins!

What three words would your friends use to describe you? Passionate, joyful, easy going
Who is your celeb crush? Chrissy Teigen. A) she’s a foodie B) she’s hilarious C) have you seen her?!

Other than fitness, what are three things you love? Outdoor activities, going out dancing and to concerts, and horses.
What’s the last text you sent? Asking my boyfriend if we should have sushi or thai for dinner. I love both!
What’s the last photo you took? Carving pumpkins over the weekend (I carved a Denver Broncos one and it was awesome!)
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