3 Reasons Runners Need Yoga

I’m a runner, and even though yoga is probably one of the best supplemental exercises for me – without ever trying it… I always hated it. I thought, “It’s too slow and boring” or “I’m not flexible enough.”

It wasn’t until I ran my hips to pieces and I could no longer do any exercises with any impact that I gave yoga a try. Of course, the only way for me to make yoga fun was to challenge myself to 30 consecutive days.

On one of those days, I tried CorePower Yoga in Boston.

After attending my first class – their yoga sculpt with weights – I knew it would be my gateway class into becoming a yogi. The yoga sculpt class is a fast-paced, aerobic, strength class that is choreographed to upbeat music.  The best part about CorePower’s curriculum (for a runner anyway) was that I didn’t feel like I was practicing yoga, but like I was doing the worm on the dance floor (remember that?!). Throughout the class, you use free weights to not only make standard yoga moves more difficult but also to incorporate squats, lunges, bicep curls and more.

Thanks to CorePower – and my injury for making me wise up – I’m now a believer: yoga isn’t only great for the mind and soul, but it’s also made me a better – and safer – runner. If you are still doing downward dog on the yoga fence, here are three reasons why you need to sign up:

You become aware of your body

Yoga really forced me to relax, take a deep breath and listen to my body.  Now, while I’m running, I’m way more aware of my aches and pains, and more importantly – what type of exercise I should be doing to remedy them. I’ve learned to not just run through the pain, but figure out the source, and use yoga to rid of the sting.

You strengthen your core

One of the reasons I got injured was that I didn’t do enough cross training and strengthening before long races. Yoga incorporates a lot of strength exercises using your own body weight and core strength. Now that my core is stronger, my risk for injury is lower. 

You become flexible 

A flexible runner is less prone to injury and their body is actually more efficient. Did you know that your body also recovers faster?! I think of an elastic band that is old and no longer flexible-it breaks pretty fast, but one that is new and flexible, stretches and goes back to it’s original shape more easily

Jessica Miller is a ClassPass City Launch Specialist for ClassPass.  She is a fitness junkie who loves running, cycling, barre, yoga, boot camps-you name it!  Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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