Should You Drink Coffee Before Class?


It’s National Coffee Day – and while we celebrate with our fave brew, we decided to tackle the question almost every ClassPasser asks themselves: is it safe to drink coffee before you workout? Some say it can make you nauseous and make your heart race, while others dote on the amazing benefits of more energy and increased metabolism.

So what’s the deal? According to research, coffee is totally safe before class! Just make sure you’ve had a few glasses of water before downing the java so you don’t get dehydrated. 

What are the perks of coffee pre-workout? See what recent studies have to say: 

You burn more calories
If weight-loss is your goal, drinking a cup of coffee before your workout will help you burn 15 percent more calories than not drinking it. 

Your post-class recovery will be easier
Caffeine helps strengthen your muscles when you’re performing a high-intensity workout (like bootcamp or spinning), which will reduce pain after your end-of-class workout. Studies say to have two cups of coffee before a 30-minute sesh. 

You can reduce the risk of injury
Consuming caffeine in moderation can help preserve your muscles as they age – especially your diaphragm, for all that heavy breathing you do in aerobic exercises. By keeping those muscles active, you reduce the possibility of injuring yourself. 

You get more muscle fuel
Having an iced coffee post-class can also help your endurance throughout the day. Research found that having caffeine and a carb (like a bagel or protein bar) produced 66 percent more muscle glycogen (what gives you energy) for four hours after working out. 


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