5 Tips For Balancing Work, Life and Fitness

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Balancing work, life, and fitness can be a huge challenge. These days, we all want to do everything. But, to quote a frazzled Jessie Spano circa Saved by the Bell, it’s easy to feel like “There’s never any time!” How in the world does one balance a demanding job, outside projects, and some semblance of a social calendar? Here’s a few tricks to help you do it all:

1)     Plan in advance. Everything. Schedule your workouts. Schedule your bedtime. Schedule your nights out with friends. Schedule time to pack your lunch for work. It may seem overly obsessive (or at the very least, annoying) but sticking to a plan will make you more productive.


2)     Take fitness classes you love. When it comes to fitness, it’s easiest to balance your workout schedule when you’re doing an activity or taking a class you truly enjoy. If you hate it, you’ll easily find reasons to cancel and head home to the couch instead. Whether it’s because you love taking a class with your good friend or you feel motivated by a certain instructor, you’re more likely to continue showing up if it’s something you enjoy.


3)     Make your time spent exercising worth it. Don’t have a lot of time? Make it the best workout you can by incorporating short bursts of higher intensity exercises.  Fitness classes are a great option because they’re set to last a certain amount of time, and instructors make use of every last second by combining as many movements or sequences as they safely can. What does this mean for you? An efficient workout that makes the best use of your time. 


4)     Don’t forget about “me-time”. Feeling run-down? Miss your friends? Throw your carefully-scheduled plans out the window when you need to. Yes, this contradicts an earlier tip, but sometimes when you’re struggling to catch up on sleep or you really just want to go to a concert with a friend, DO IT. A little “me-time” can go a long way, and sometimes rest trumps everything else.


5)     Don’t forget about the things you love. Fit them in; they’ll help keep you sane in the midst of the craziness of life. Whether it’s waking up 10 minutes early to read a good book or doing some yoga poses before bed it’s important to still make time for these things. What relaxes you? (You can say “a glass of wine”, it’s okay!) Figure it out and make sure to include them day-to-day.

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Contributed by Kara Beussink. Kara is a runner and triathlete and writes about her sweat-filled journey on her blog, Kara Runs. She’s passionate about empowering others to chase their dreams, endurance events, and the Kansas Jayhawks. Follow along and say hello on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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