You Gotta Try This: Revolution in Motion

Revinmo, NYC fitness studios

Revolution in Motion is not your typical workout. Created by Dr. Edythe Heus, a chiropractor and kinesiologist, this workout is designed to both heal old injuries and prevent new ones. We caught up with Dr. Heus to get the inside scoop on RevInMo and the science behind their unique classes. 


Why did you create Revolution in Motion?

I’ve studied exercise and movement since I began practicing kinesiology as a chiropractic student in 1980.  In my practice I was looking for a system of exercise and movement to accelerate my patient’s healing while reducing their need for treatment. I studied a variety of systems– Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, body building, yoga, dance therapy and pilates and ended up creating my own method from there.

How did you go about creating your own program?

Over the years I noted the muscle patterns in my patients as they went from illness to wellness and applied these patterns to create a series of exercises. Many of these patients had neurological issues and I realized the importance of stimulating the nervous system to help reorganize fluid, create efficient movement, reduce pain and help with overall wellbeing. Incorporating this lead to successful treatment and responses in patients. 

I also noticed that the quality of a person’s life is directly related to the health of their feet.  I became adept at treating feet and discovering ways to wake them up neurologically by making them smarter and stronger.  The benefits of this include improved balance, coordination, quickness, responsiveness, athleticism and pain reduction in all joints.  

Why is it important to have a mind body connection while working out? 

In my experience you only get a small portion of the potential of exercise if you are not mindful while working out. Watching TV or reading a magazine while on the stationary bike or elliptical does not engage the brain and nervous system to efficiently and effectively make advancements in exercise. 

Without mindful engagement we can be sloppy in our form, be complacent in our effort, and miss out on the hormonal opportunities that come when the brain is engaged.

At RevInMo there is no opportunity to be “mindless”. There is a built in risk factor of falling off the equipment during an exercise that keeps the mind present. Working with the design of the mind and body helps our clients transform quickly with lasting results.  

The Moves 

BOSU Swimmer: This exercise requires you to use the power of your pelvic floor and lower abs to lengthen the spine as the shoulders move through a full range of motion. 
 revinmo, nyc fitness studios
Palma (slide board): This exercise opens up the lower back an trains the lower abs to lengthen the spine in an inversion. This also helps to tap into the rotational power of the transverse abdominal.revinmo, nyc fitness studios
Slantboard Lunge: This is an integrative movement, that organizes the body to move from the lower abs. This results in a release of the hip flexor for more fluid movement. revinmo, nyc fitness studios 
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