Studio Review: PNT Fitness

PNT Fitness Blog  First comes Hoboken, then comes… Long Island City! We’re really branching out these days here at ClassPass and are super excited to welcome PNT Fitness as our very first Long Island City studio! And just to get it out of the way, Long Island City is in Queens – not Long Island. One stop into Queens on the 7 train and steps from the subway stop, PNT Fitness is chockfull of group classes that will whip you into some serious shape.

Ambassador Jane channeled her inner J Lo (sorry, we had to) and hopped on the 7 to experience PNT Fitness for herself:

The Space

The studio is located in Long Island City, Queens just one stop away from Manhattan on the 7 train. The second-floor studio is literally right next to the subway entrance. Once you get to the top of the stairs, the door to the studio is on the left. It opens right into the studio. A word of warning: there isn’t a waiting area at the studio. The room is the studio and is where you will be working out. Time yourself accordingly!

The Instructor

Tara is the owner of PNT fitness as well as a seasoned pro with a background in dance. Before class, she made sure to introduce herself to me and to properly show me how to use the trilectics bands and set up my bike. She gave perfect cues during class and I was totally in the zone the whole time. I love that she knew everyone in class and that her regulars hung around after class to chat with her. Tara’s built a great little fitness community at PNT Fitness!

The Class

The Monday night 8:30PM Cycle Party Triletics class was awesome!  The class was full of regulars and was full at its maximum of ten riders. The instructor, Tara, seemed to know everyone by name. Because the class was so small, I was 100% focused during the entirety of class. I’ve taken so many different cycling classes before and tend to zone out through class because the classes are so large and informal. That won’t happen here!

We started off class with a warm up and then class switched between cardio intervals on the bike and an arm series using the triletics bands. These bands were connected to the bottom front part of the bike and you use them by grabbing hold and pulling up the bands. These moves were new to me and I was surprised that even my abs got a workout. It was unlike any other cycling class I’ve ever taken and I appreciated having the ability to get in some resistance training in an otherwise cardio-heavy class.

All of us, including the instructor, rode facing the mirror. Even though the lights were dimmed during the majority of the ride (a bit brighter during the bands series), there was no room to slack off because she could see all of us. Plus the music selection was amazing!

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This post was written by ClassPass ambassador Jane Rosales. She recently completed her first marathon, and loves taking classes at boutique fitness studios in NYC. Read her blog here and follow her on twitter at @JanePRosales.

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