Teacher Tuesday: Anula Maiberg of Sixth Street Pilates

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If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of Pilates for yourself, do your core a favor and get thee to a class. And if you’re stumped on where to start, make a beeline straight for Sixth Street Pilates. There you’ll find Anula Maiberg, co-owner and one of Sixth Street Pilates’s incredible instructors. She also happens to be our Teacher Tuesday this week.

Ambassador Andra snagged a coveted spot in one of Anula’s Semi-Private Reformer classes. Read on to find out more about class and Anula’s story:

The Where: Sixth Street Pilates in the East Village between Avenues A & B

The Who: Anula Maiberg, Co-owner and Instructor, certified in mat and apparatus Pilates from the Kane School for Core Integration

The Class: Semi-private reformer PilatesThe Lowdown: This was my first (ever!) Pilates reformer class. I’d taken some mat Pilates and have tortured myself on the megaformer in the past, but I was still a bit intimidated by plopping myself on and getting tangled up in a new piece of fitness equipment. Alas, my fear was for not, as Anula was the most welcoming and accessible instructor a reformer newbie could’ve asked for. She’s a real, down to earth kind of girl and doesn’t give off any of the pretentious fitness instructor vibe — it’s printed leggings, thick glasses and an asymmetrical haircut instead. I was lucky that my classmate and I had relatively similar fitness levels, body sizes and Pilates backgrounds, so we got a full body experience that was catered to our needs. The best thing about a semi-private class is the insane amounts of hands-on attention you get.

Why teach Pilates? Anula started taking classes at Sixth Street Pilates while studying photography at the School of Visual Arts. She lived across the street, and found that the only thing she really had time for was class and her Pilates classes. After finding herself at a desk job as a photo editor, she could feel it wearing down her body. The only thing that seemed to help with her posture and sluggishness was her beloved Pilates classes. So a Quarter-Life Crisis later, she decided to become a Pilates instructor instead! Now five years later, she is part-owner of the studio where it all began, Sixth Street Pilates.

Who should take Pilates? Anula truly believes that Pilates is for everyone! It’s for athletes! Pilates moves have been around since the foundations of exercise. At some point, something took the “manliness” out of Pilates, and perhaps men are a bit intimidated by the challenges of the class – core strength, flexibility, balance — but Pilates isn’t just for girls.

Her favorite piece of equipment: The chair. It’s the hardest to control your limbs as you have the least amount of surface area. You’re either on or you’re off.

Least favorite exercise: The Tendon Stretch. Not that it’s a bad exercise, just the one she enjoys the least.

What are other classes to take around the city? Anula takes class or sessions every day, and loves to try different Pilates instructors all over the city. She believes one is always a student of Pilates and won’t stop learning from all that the city’s Pilates scene has to offer.

What to eat/drink before class: Coffee! (And it’s been shown to boost your workout!)

Why Sixth Street Pilates? Anula wants to make Sixth Street a welcoming environment, “like doing Pilates in your living room.” Whether you live in the East Village or not, she wants you to feel like this is your “neighborhood spot, an extension of where you love and your favorite place. People should feel comfortable here, and like it’s part of your daily routine.”

Get in touch: Check out the Sixth Street Pilates Blog here: http://sixthstreetpilates.tumblr.com/ and follow them on Twitter: @SixthStPilates

This post was written by ClassPass ambassador Andra Stanley. She is a reluctant runner and all-around fitness junkie. Follow her @Pandramonium on Instagram or Twitter.

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