Teacher Tuesday: Kelvin Gary of Body Space Fitness

Kelvin gary body space fitnessWhy do we love Body Space Fitness? Where does one begin?  It could be the amazing 4,000 square foot (not to mention gorgeous) facility. Or the top-notch instructors that lead super-tough-yet-scalable-for-all-fitness-levels group fitness classes that ClassPass users can’t seem to get enough of. Or really just Kelvin Gary, the man behind it all. We are delighted to feature Kelvin as this week’s Teacher Tuesday!

Ambassador Jane took his Training for Warriors class and got the scoop on all things Kelvin:

You’ll Find Him: At Body Space Fitness on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Aves. You can find him teaching group classes (on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings), training clients privately and of course running BSF!

The Class: (Training for Warriors – how great is that name?!) with Kelvin started off with a dynamic warm-up and went straight into circuits utilizing TRX, bands and weighted sleighs. I had never worked with weighted sleighs before and loved it! We skipped the treadmill this time and did a few sprints on the astroturf. TFW is limited to 8 participants which is perfect for getting individualized attention while still maintain that small team feeling. Kelvin’s teaching style is tough but super encouraging and fun. BSF is form focused so be prepared to get corrected and reminded along the way!

The Story: After a long career in the corporate sector, Kelvin decided to make the jump to the fitness industry full-time.  Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and personal training experience, he opened Body Space Fitness in May of 2012. He started BSF to address the unmet need between large group fitness classes and one-on-one training.

Fitness Philosophy: “Life is short… train hard and live happy!”

Personal Workout Routine: “I fully believe that total body functional training is the way to go.  My typical workout consists of a good dose of core work (planks, hanging knee raises, cable rotations etc.), plyometric work such as box jumps and med ball throws, 2-3 rounds of lifts that include squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups and a number of total body moves (think lunges with dumbbell overhead presses). Get everything working together and you’ll be more efficient while getting a lot of work done.”

Pre- and Post-workout Snacks: “Before a workout I like Kind bars and a little bit of protein in water.  Post-workout would be either an apple with almond butter and a protein shake made with Vita Coco and vanilla protein in a shaker bottle.  It’s a great way to get some quick carbs in along with protein.”

Favorite Songs to Sweat to: “Hmmm… It would have to be a good mix of Jay-Z and Rick Ross with a healthy dose of Outkast mixed in.”

Advice for Fitness Newbies: “Take your time.  Start from somewhere and build yourself up. Progress is a process and you have to stick with it. If you don’t see results right away, tweak the gauges and keep moving forward.”

Social media: Can’t make it to class? Need more Kelvin? Follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

This post was written by ClassPass ambassador Jane Rosales. She recently completed her first marathon, and loves taking classes at boutique fitness studios in NYC. Read her blog here and follow her on twitter at @JanePRosales.

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