Winter Olympics Inspired Exercises

winter olympics

It’s by no surprise that the majority of us will never compete at the Olympics.  These athletes train like it’s their job (literally). Just because we’re not destined to Sochi this winter doesn’t mean we can’t channel our inner Olympian.

Try out these Winter Games-inspired movements:

Get Figure Skater Legs

Figure skaters are akin to ballerinas on ice. From their grace and poise to their rock hard legs, skaters reach the perfect balance of strong and elegant. Plies, leg extensions and single leg deadlifts will help you reach those  lean legs. Try these moves out to tighten your tush, increase your flexibility and strengthen your legs.  Check out Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights or Body Space Fitness, their classes are full of the leg-strengthening good stuff.

Up Your Strength and Endurance

Want to be a cross country skier, but hate the cold? HIIT cardio mixed with some weights is the way to go.  Combine that with loads of front and side lunges and you are well on your way to taking on the snow.  Venues like Barry’s Bootcamp and SOHO Strength Lab or the Fhitting Room will give you the tools to make you Sochi Slopes ready.

Move Like a Ski Jumper

Though you may not have a take off ramp at your local gym, you can still mimic the movements utilized by ski jumpers. With a combination of yoga, explosive jumps and burpee-esque maneuvers, you’ll have the ingredients for a killer workout. Try out Circuit of Change  for this perfect mixture of plyometrics, yoga and core cardio strengthening.

Let these movements be your morning motivation.  Instead of cozying up inside (though tempting!) – grab a friend, check out your local gym or studio and warm up to the Winter Olympics.  Your body will thank you for it.

Post contributed by Jena Viviano.  Jena is a Wall Streeter by day and a food and fitness junkie by night.  She is a believer in kindred spirits, handwritten thank you notes and divine intervention.  Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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