5 Tips for Fitness Freaks

fitness freak

You’re schedule revolves around fitness classes. You basically started the green juice trend — 5 years ago. You have more gym shoes than high heels. Your open rate for Well and Good emails is 100%.

Sound like you? You might be a fitness freak — your obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and don’t understand anyone who is not as obsessed as you. We think your enthusiasm is … well, awesome! But, we understand that sometimes, if can be hard to live the healthy lifestyle when your friends aren’t as fit-conscious as you are.

Here are 5 tips for how to find balance with your less-health-conscious-pals:

1) Don’t be THAT person.
You might be gym crazy but seriously, don’t be THAT person – the one that chastises her friends for not working out.  There might be reasons why they aren’t hitting the gym – it could be money related or health related.  Maybe they’re scared because they’ve never been good at sports.  Whatever it is – seriously, don’t tell them they HAVE to do something.  No adult wants to hear that.

2) Bring them.
Half the battle is just showing up. It doesn’t mean forcing them to go running with you. However, they might think twice about why they hate something. I used to HATE running until I was dragged to a 5k. I loved the energy of the people both running and watching the race and eventually got into running races, including a marathon. (Hint: Maybe you could give them the ClassPass as an intro to the exciting world of boutique fitness?!)

3) Make it fun.
Preconceived notions of working out are that it’s boring and it’s hard work. Yes, it’s hard work but it can be fun.  With dimly lit rooms and a rocking playlist, spin studios feel more like a Saturday night out than a Monday evening workout.

Will they only go to boot camp if there’s wine or brunch after? Uplift’s Wine & Workout would be great for this. Being outdoors more their style? How about running the Color Run or Zombie Run? The trick is to make it fun…and enticing.

4) Embrace it.
You may never successfully get your best friends to workout with you. But, if they ever choose to start any fitness regime, at least they have you to turn to. If a friend needed reviews, resources, or training plans, it was a good bet that I knew where to look.

5) Branch out.
Working out with friends is fun! I’m not saying ditch your current friends, but if you need an outlet to talk to people who just “get it” or crave a team setting, there are other ways. Seek out run clubs, twitter chats, etc. Make a new friend in pilates. Maybe your co-worker in the next cubicle is a runner too.

Whether you’ve succeeded in getting your best friends to yoga or are still sitting lonely in spin class, remember – ultimately this workout is for YOU!

This was written by ClassPass Contributor Jane Rosales. She recently completed her first marathon, and loves taking classes at boutique fitness studios in NYC. Read her blog here and follow her on twitter at@JanePRosales. (And, if you are looking to follow the advice of #5 and branch out — tweet Jane and join her at a class!)

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