Are You Spending Too Much on Your Workout Wardrobe?

lulu yoga pic


$58 for a racerback workout tank? $95 for spandex pants? These prices may sound crazy to some but for those of you who spend a solid portion of your time working out, you know that it’s way more fun when you can do it in style. Here are some reasons why it’s okay to splurge on your workout wardrobe:

    • You’re more likely to get yourself to the gym. It’s that same feeling you get when you buy a new dress for an upcoming event — while you may not be that excited for the event itself, getting all dolled up is the fun part! The cuter you look, the more likely you are to show up and as the saying goes: showing up is half the battle.
    • You’ll probably spend more time working out. On those days when you opt for your threadbare Fruit of the Loom t-shirt and baggy sweatpants, chances are you’re not going to feel as good as when you wear your brand new neon workout tank and snazzy spandex. When you feel good, that positive feeling may encourage you to spend more time at the gym.
    • Quality, not quantity. When you buy better quality workout clothes, you’ll see that you’re buying them less often. One tip for preserving your dri-fit duds: leave them out rather than putting them in the dryer — they won’t take long to dry!

Good news for anyone who can’t afford to splurge on expensive gear: as demand increases, cute and quality workout clothes are becoming more available and affordable — check out activewear at The Gap, Forever 21 and H&M for some great deals!

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