Fit Profile: Kerry Washington

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How does the Scandal star stay so fit?
With such a busy work schedule, traveling, and all of her amazing charity initiatives, Kerry Washington has limited time to actually spend at the gym. That’s why when she shows up, she uses her time wisely. The drop dead gorgeous, critically-acclaimed actress and style-icon has an impressive workout routine…

Kerry works with personal trainer Nonna Gleyzer.
Gleyzer’s background in rhythmic gymnastics gives Kerry a great edge for understanding fitness. Kerry wound up working with Gleyzer after pinching a nerve with another trainer who had pushed her too hard. 

Kerry’s can’t-live-without workout is Pilates!
She’s made Pilates one of the pillars of her workout regimen because of both the physical benefits (check out how toned she is!) as well as the psychological effects. Check out the four Pilates exercises that Kerry’s trainer recommends for core and glut strength.

Kerry gets her cardio through dance classes, hiking and elliptical training.
Kerry’s been an avid dancer for years — previously starring in “Save The Last Dance” and more recently joining First Lady Michelle Obama to dance at a preschool in DC. In addition to dancing, Kerry gets her cardio in by hiking and with the occasional elliptical session!

One of Kerry’s regular workouts is Gyrotonics.
Gyrotonics is a workout favorite among celebs. It is similar to Pilates in that it focuses on balance, stability, strengthening and toning muscles. You can visit Body Evolutions to try Gyrotonics in NYC!

She eats clean, thanks to her fans!
Kerry travels a lot — and doesn’t rely on Google to figure out where to eat. She loves fresh, local spots — especially farmers markets — and usually reaches out to her Twitter followers when she needs recommendations in a new location!

Did Kerry Washington’s Fit Profile give you any ideas? Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ll be trying out any of Kerry’s workout staples soon.


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