There are so many apps coming out every year that it can be overwhelming for gyms and studios to figure out which ones to use. We’ve done a bit of digging to make sure you’re up on the most efficient ways to manage everything from your playlists to your to-do lists.

Support Clients At Home

Instead of seeing workout apps as competition, they can be integrated into your brand. Endomondo is a good example. It allows trainers to send workouts to clients and track their progress. Clients can also track each others’ progress if they choose to friend one another. You might consider trying this out during a slim down challenge or boot camp in which everyone is working together toward a goal. Before the program begins, you can recommend to all the participants that they download Endomondo and connect with one another on it. This has the added benefit of encouraging camaraderie at your studio.

For cleanses and diets facilitated by your studio, you might consider encouraging members to download Lose It or MyFitnessPal. This also allows friends and trainers to check up on clients who provide access to their daily food log. It includes a feature which lets iPhones scan food labels.

After fitness goals have been met, a rewarding app is Pic Stitch. It can help you easily put together before and after pictures of your clients.

Increase Productivity

Priority Matrix is now used by thousands of business owners looking to overhaul their to-do lists. It allows for your tasks to be separated out by project and urgency. You can also have multiple members of your team on the account if you want an efficient way to allocate responsibilities. It’s much better for accountability than individual emails or a spreadsheet.

Another useful app for keeping all your papers organized is TurboScan. It turns smart phone photos of documents into clear PDFs that can be emailed or text messaged. It also keeps an archive of everything you’ve ever scanned.

Master Your Music

Many of you likely already have Spotify for making mixes. And if you’re doing it right, your teachers have also likely had people ask for their tunes after class. You can be one step ahead by encouraging your teachers to create Spotify playlists labeled by the name of your studio. Then, have your teachers share these playlists on your Facebook wall or even email them out to students after a successful workout.

When it comes to getting these songs on your speakers, Foundation Fitness in San Clemente recommends hooking up your team with the Sonos app. It’s easy for anyone with a smart phone to download, and then your teachers will be able to remotely control all the different speakers in your gym while streaming Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, or a number of other platforms.

Make Time to Meditate

The mindfulness movement is growing fast in companies across America. If you don’t know where to begin for yourself, your team, or your clients, Insight Timer can help. It’s a database of more than 4000 different guided meditations by some of the most prominent living teachers including Mooji and Tara Brach. They have meditations ranging from a few minutes to half an hour so you can select one for your class or yourself depending on how much time you have. You can also take tips from these meditations if you want your teachers to start leading their own. Headspace and Calm are two other popular consumer options.

Designing Your Own App

This may seem like a big commitment, but a lot of companies from YAS to Basecamp are doing it now to reinforce their brand. Angela Patterson, head of franchise development at Kaia FIT, says it helps build a community around the studio. Kaia created their app a couple months ago with the help of the developers at Mindbody. It allows members to sign up for multiple classes at once, book repeated classes, and purchase products. It also allows Kaia’s corporate office to send out notifications about giveaways to all its members while owners of individual studios are able to send out notifications about local offers just to the people in their area. “I do think having an app lends a lot of credibility to your brand,” said Patterson.

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