This month, ClassPass launched the #BecauseICan campaign as a way for our users and studio partners to share how they’re embracing moments, big and small, that are helping them live their life to the fullest. Our mission as a company has always been to empower our members to lead inspired lives, and, by granting them access to classes that challenge and push them beyond their comfort zones, we’re helping them see what’s possible. We want to encourage people to experience things they’ve never tried before inside and outside of class simply because they can.

How do you go beyond your fears? Do you:

    • Take an improv class, even though you have a fear of public speaking
    • Move to a new city you’ve always dreamed of
    • Channel your love for yoga into a career by opening a studio
  • ________________ ?

We’re looking for your Because I Can stories. Those “what-did-I-just-do” moments to share with our community of engaged fitness enthusiasts.

The fitness industry, perhaps more than any other, is one fit for dreamers and do-ers. Our partnership with you over the past few years has shown the drive and dedication you all possess to cultivate your passion: improving the health—and lives—of those around you.

We’d love to hear how you push past your own expectations, no matter how big or small they seem. Payal Kadakia, CEO and co-founder of ClassPass, shared her #BecauseICan story in an inaugural blog post on ClassPass’ consumer-facing blog, The Warm Up, about overcoming her fear of animals.

For further inspiration, check out more #BecauseICan stories on our blog or Tumblr (

Ready to share your story? Fill out this form, or share it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag: #BecauseICan. Or contact your account manager with your Instagram handle and photos (if applicable).