Criteria: How We Choose


Open Heart

We will evaluate how many new members this partner has had visit their studio or gym compared to other businesses in their market during a set period of time on ClassPass. We will also take into account new members in relation to overall capacity of venue, as well as any particular measures this partner has taken to be more inclusive and welcoming to new users on ClassPass, such as a new client studio orientation, introductory classes for beginners, etc.


This partner will be working on something new and innovative in their workout genre, whether that’s utilizing the latest equipment and workout methodology, video workouts, creative marketing tools, etc. A big budget is not necessary to be innovative so we will take into account all efforts across studio/gym size and reach! We’re looking for creativity and a dedicated focus on improving member experience through technology.

Customer Champion

This partner will have demonstrated exemplary customer service during their time on ClassPass. They will have high class and instructor ratings in relation to their market and set the example for how best to respond to client reviews and feedback on ClassPass. They may also have made special efforts to engage with ClassPass customers on social media and in dedicated email comms to support their experience.

Growth Master

We will review how many locations this partner has opened or how they have expanded their current space during their tenure with ClassPass. We will take into account reservation volume and sustainability across locations and whether this partner has taken the leap to expand outside their home city into other markets.

Community Leader

This partner will have demonstrated active participation in social outreach efforts in their local community. Nominations will be reviewed on the basis of scale and scope of outreach efforts, the number of people impacted by this partner’s outreach, and whether their efforts are contributing to the growth and evolution of the global fitness community.


Selection Process


Phase One: Nominations Open

ClassPass partners are invited to nominate their studio or gym for one or more of the five award categories: Open Heart, Innovator, Customer Champion, Growth Master, and Community Leader. Other members of the fitness community, such as instructors, are welcome to also nominate ClassPass partners for awards. The nominations will be open on After Class until December 15, 2017.

Phase Two: Internal Review

The ClassPass team will review the nominations and select winners based on the nominations received as well as internal data and input from ClassPass’ partnerships organization. For example: for Open Heart, we may pull data to analyze number of new users welcomed to a studio/gym compared to other venues in the area on ClassPass. Nominees may be contacted to learn more information and get additional background around various award-related initiatives to support the decisions.

Phase Three: Winners Chosen

One winner will be selected in each category and announced in January 2018. Winners receive special exposure on ClassPass, which may include dedicated blog posts, in-product features, press releases or social mentions, a dedicated decal to display in their business showing the award received, and an exclusive invitation to ClassPass’ Partner Summit in New York City in 2018.