Diane’s Numark, an Emmy-Winning Producer, began her love of dance at the young age of three, started teaching jazz, tap and ballet classes at sixteen and added Circus Choreographer to the mix at eighteen. After a career in television and time with her kids, she discovered Barre, her credit to getting her body back. Diane is the Barre Boss at Barreworks Studio Redondo Beach in sunny California, where they livestream over 30 classes a week and teach Outdoors Live. 

Here are her tips for becoming a fitness trainer:


Do you have a favorite Instructor at your “Go to Studio?” Go talk to them! It’s just like any job search – do your research. Ask the instructor: 

  • Do you like your job?
  • How many classes do you teach a week?
  • How much time do you put in?
  • What is the pay rate?
  • How do you stay motivated? 

Know what you are getting yourself into before you climb onboard.


Think about what you want in your own health journey and make sure the studio you pick fosters your values. Whether it is a high-end workout facility that inspires mental, physical and emotional balance, or a community that promotes diversity and creativity, or a combination of the two. Be sure you stand behind the brand and know the behind the scenes of the company culture.


Email the studio owner and ask if they have a training program and what it entails. Take classes and show you are dedicated. Think of every class as an audition and show your best form, musicality, good energy and how you connect with others. Timing is important, so be patient if a spot is not open immediately.


It is very important to learn the most safe and effective exercises. Understanding proper form and muscle groups, hands-on corrections and modifications for injuries or pregnancies can make the difference between a good instructor and a great one.

Consider continued training to stand out from the competition, once you are established. Add a discipline like Yoga, Pilates, Plyojam, Trampoline or POUND to your repertoire. It will make you more valuable. Getting a personal trainer certification might be something else to consider depending on what kind of fitness instructor you want to be. 


Using the materials and sequencing, it’s time to run the class top to bottom. Try recording a Zoom trial with some friends that feel comfortable providing constructive feedback. 

Try running the set-ups and cues like drills until you are comfortable saying them over and over again and can demo and talk at the same time, in sync with the music. Make some practice videos on your own phone with the most tricky combinations. If it takes too long to say it, you are using too many words. Short and sweet is best.

And lastly, give it 100%!