The health, fitness and nutrition worlds are ever-changing. As business owners, it’s tough to remain on top of the latest industry research when a dozen new studies are rolled out daily. One solution? Download these best fitness podcasts and listen while driving, taking a shower or answering emails at night. You’ll brush up on everything from the latest Paleo trends and nutrition facts to meditation and wellness practices, all while soaking up thoughtful and groundbreaking conversations from scientists and experts alike.

Ways to explore meditation

LISTEN TO: Tara Brach
Whether you’re teaching meditation to the masses, practicing privately at home or considering rolling it out in your studio someday, Brach’s podcast will serve as an influential how-to manual. Relying on her background in clinical psychology and Buddhist philosophy, Brach leads a 30-minute meditation, followed by roughly 50 minutes of conversation covering how to live a more open, accepting life. A beautiful storyteller, Brach’s podcasts are both gentle and humorous.

Intense training tools

LISTEN TO: Spartan Up
If you’re a Spartan racer or just someone who enjoys extreme sports, this is the podcast for you. Launched by Spartan Race founder Joe Desena in 2015, this show focuses on a new inspiring person each week, someone who has tested his or her own limits to achieve great success. Packed with motivational advice and techniques—and lots of running tips, to boot—Desena’s gritty but uplifting outlook aims to get all listeners living their most meaningful existence.

Paleo pro tips

LISTEN TO: Fat-Burning Man
A big supporter of the Paleo movement, Abel James hosts this podcast comprised of deep-dive interviews with nutrition and diet experts alike. Known for his “Wild Diet” that caused him to lose 20 pounds in 40 days, James explores how to excise fat from your body—all while feeding yourself lots of butter and beef. Past Paleo experts like Mark Sisson and Michelle Tam often join the insightful and thought-provoking conversations.

Quick health advice

LISTEN TO: Nutrition Diva
For those of you whose schedules are at max capacity, we give you Monica Reinagel’s quickie podcast. She dishes on relatable nutrition topics—think “How to Handle Food Cravings” and “How to Recharge After Exercise Without Overeating”—in 10 minutes or less. Authoritative and well-researched, Reinagel’s content doesn’t beat around the bush. Bonus: She also brings other experts into the mix, like trainer Tom Holland.

America’s favorite fitness guru

LISTEN TO: The Jillian Michaels Show
If you watch television at all, you probably know who Jillian Michaels is. While she may be a celebrity and a household name, she does know her stuff when it comes to fitness training. While Michaels can spiral off into discussions about love, parenting and religion, the best of her show’s content is focused on health and fitness goals—like how to lose your bat wings and how to do the perfect squat. After a brief hiatus, much-loved podcast producer Janice Ungaro is back, providing Michaels with a humorous sparring partner.

Breaking down the latest research

LISTEN TO: Ben Greenfield Fitness
To describe Ben Greenfield as an expert would be an understatement. With two master’s degrees in biomechanics and exercise physiology, Greenfield is also an Ironman, a triathlete and, oh, a nutritionist, too. Tackling the latest research every week, Greenfield offers an athlete’s view of nutrition, breaking down hard-to-grasp concepts for us in layman’s terms. Recent show’s focused on how to build endurance fast, running hangovers and carb dependency.

Real weight loss stories

LISTEN TO: Half Size Me
After decades of watching reality show contestants lose half their body weight on television, it’s not surprising regular Americans have become bit disillusioned by the whole process. Enter Heather Robertson, a regular mom who managed to lose 170 pounds over the course of five years—without the help of fancy trainers, expensive equipment and cable network-paid nutritionists. Chock full of real-life advice, Robertson’s podcast focuses on practical steps people (like your clients!) can make throughout their day to lose weight, and keep it off for good.

Inspiring workout moves

LISTEN TO: Move Smart
Though this podcast went on hiatus late last year, the 60 episodes in the vault will give you more than enough to work with when it comes to movement and strength training content. Led by teacher Justin Goodhart, the show interview’s everyone from acrobats and break dancers to skateboarders and tree runners. It focuses on things like channeling inner intensity, managing nagging injuries and why trying new movement is a must for any athlete. As entertaining as it is informative, Move Smart will help you reevaluate your relationship with your body and how it moves.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

LISTEN TO: School of Greatness
Because you’re all business owners, we’ve got one more podcast with some entrepreneurial inspiration! When former pro athlete Lewis Howes was permanently sidelined from football with an injury, he managed to build a multimillion-dollar company (from his sister’s couch, no less) with zero business experience. School of Greatness is meant to inspire and teach entrepreneurs how to build profitable businesses, with topics like leveraging your strengths, never settling and even how to sleep better.

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