As instructors, you know how to treat your clients and help them reach their fitness and wellness goals. But how about some key tips to help you get through your day and better manage your class roster? With these apps, you can count on your life, and your workout classes, becoming a bit easier.

App for timing intervals

Any workout that requires intervals or doing exercises for a specific period of time will benefit from the Interval Timer app. Forget pausing between exercises to fumble with your timer or losing track of your next movement. This app lets you frontload all your exercise times, including rest periods, throughout the workout, so that once you start, you don’t need to think about keeping track of the time. The app will do the work for you and signal a bell or other customizable sound letting you and your clients know it’s time to rest or start again. You can even continue to stream your playlist with the app running.

Download the app here: iTunes (Free)

App to remember names

New customers want to feel welcome and as if they belong at your gym or studio. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by remembering their name. Whether it’s calling out their hard work during class time or saying “Hi Sarah,” as they come through the door, that familiarity makes the customer feel noticed and as if you’re excited to see them—so they’re excited to come back too. But with so many people in and out of your studio, it can be hard to keep track.

Namerick is an app that helps you remember your clients’ names. When you meet someone, you can add their name to the app as well as a small descriptor if needed (“red tank top,” “interested in Reformer classes,” etc.) which will trigger a mnemonic device (such as “Sarah sells seashells”) to help you remember their name. You can even receive reminders at intervals such as an hour after meeting or so to keep it top of mind. Group contacts by class type or new customers or old, and you’ll be on your way to knowing all your customer’s names in no time.

Download the app here: iTunes ($0.99)

App for self-care

Running a studio or teaching multiple classes a day may seem like the ultimate healthy career, but it can take a serious toll on your stress levels. Don’t ever get too busy taking care of your business and your customers that you forget to take care of yourself. Taking even just 10 minutes a day to relax, regroup and focus on mindfulness will help recenter you and prepare you for the next day.

Calm, a simple meditation app, features guided and unguided meditation programs, as well as 7- and 21-day series—because sometimes all you need is a challenge to stay on track! With soothing sounds and nature scenes, the app can help transport you to a place of relaxation and calm.

Download the app here: iTunes (Free)

App to track hours worked

As instructors, you may be paid on an hourly basis or a per-class basis. Help your manager keep track of what hours you put in and what classes you taught with the Hours Keeper app, an easy way to measure your time and billing. Especially if you freelance or personal train private clients, it’s a great way to keep on top of your hours worked and ensure you’re compensated for them in a timely manner. You can send PDF invoices to customers, and also download monthly earning reports to track your income month over month.

Download the app here: iTunes (Free)

App for stretching

You constantly stress the importance of stretching to your clients, so why not make it a focus during your day as well? The Performance Stretching app features over 150 different types of stretches including several customized series (pre- or post-run, lower back stretches, etc.) to help you target any sore spots—or the spots that aren’t sore yet, but will be. You don’t need any equipment or even a ton of time to fit a quick stretch in, so the next time you’re between classes, or even on the subway or waiting in line at the grocery store, think about stretching out your neck and shoulders.

Download the app here: iTunes ($2.99)

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