We’ve been on the move lately at ClassPass and are growing our partner network! We are excited to welcome four new markets to our community: Honolulu, Indianopolis, Inland Empire (California), and Milwaukee!

To celebrate the launch of our new markets, we chatted with studio owners in these cities to learn a little bit more about what makes their town unique and what’s next for their fitness scene.

Gretchen Turner, Pure Barre – Kahala

The number and variety of niche fitness studios, like Pure Barre, has grown significantly in Honolulu over the past five years. People who live here have a lot of options now to workout in an intimate, community-based environment. Many residents already lead a very active and healthy lifestyle. So, the upsurge of boutique studios provides the opportunity to mix it up and make friends while doing a shared activity.

There is a shift from “I’m getting in shape” to “I’m working out with friends who support me and who are now a part of my life outside the studio.” The classes are more personalized and clients have a stronger sense of belonging in a boutique studio vs. big box gym environment.

Kelsey Barden, Yoga Floats

I think what makes the Honolulu market unique is all the creative ways people get outside to work out. For example, my business, Yoga Floats, takes yoga and brings it outdoors to practice on the water. Adding the movement and instability of the water helps us find an excellent core workout.

Some of the trends I’ve noticed recently is the interest in group fitness classes and people sharing their workouts with one another, rather than pushing through alone.

I think the Honolulu fitness scene is super motivating! It is such a part of the lifestyle, that you are constantly surrounded by fit, active people and it just makes you want to join them!

Mindi Epstein, Peace Through Yoga

Boutique fitness, especially in outlying areas, is a natural occurrence in Indiana as small towns actively work to improve the standard of living for their residents. Often a Development Council is charged with the task of stimulating the local economy by restoring the town’s architecture, improving infrastructure and courting businesses and services to improve residents’ quality of living. The communities that exist on the periphery of larger cities have in many instances become bedroom communities for workers willing to commute to their jobs while maintaining the serenity of small town living. We have found that a yoga studio is an attractive addition to these evolving communities.

In terms of trends, while hot yoga continues to remain “hot,” we have noted an increased interest in a more traditional yoga practice. Without a doubt these students want the physical aspect of an asana practice, but they also seek spiritual fulfillment. Peace through Yoga serves this population. Our environment offers serenity and a respite from daily life. The warmth our students find comes from the community that builds around the studio.

Indiana has consistently ranked near the bottom of all nationwide health, wellness and obesity surveys. Boutique fitness studios offer residents of our state options for improving their health and well-being. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution in terms of activity or type of facility. The more variety and services we who are committed to this field can offer, the more likely we will see improvements in our state’s overall health.

Selena Licea, 9Round – Chino Hills

The Chino Valley in particular is very family oriented with a strong focus on community. It is important for a boutique fitness gym to have flexible schedules to help accommodate a busy parent’s work and family life. At 9Round Chino Hills, kids can hang out and watch their parent (s) workout or even join in on the workout. Kids love kickboxing!

Jessica Stark, Pure Barre – Whitefish Bay

It’s exciting to see how Milwaukee’s boutique fitness scene has grown over the past few years. While we still have room for additional variety, we are seeing new concepts fill out the Milwaukee landscape bringing us closer to some of the bigger cities surrounding us. Milwaukee is often thought of as a conservative city, but people are hungry for cutting-edge fitness options and have embraced the concept of boutique fitness.

In my experience, people are looking for more than just a great workout, they are drawn to the community feel that you get at a studio compared to big-box fitnessOur goal at Pure Barre Whitefish Bay is to creat a space for clients to come in and see their barre friends while still getting to tune into themselves and leave the world outside for 50 uninterrupted minutes.