Warm weather is here and your clients have been working hard towards their seasonal fitness goals. Summer months also tend to slow down for the boutique fitness industry as clients trade in squats for scenic drives, cashing in on their vacation days — or leaving town on Fridays for a long weekend getaway.

Although class attendance can dip during the hotter months, summertime is the perfect time to get creative with your studio events, marketing and new customer acquisition.

Here are some tips to get your studio prepared for summer and boost your brand buzz.

Meet your customers where they are — outside

Your clients are spending time outdoors at the local parks and beaches, so meet them there! If you’re having a hard time getting people into your studio, holding a series of outdoor classes is a great way to bump up attendance and mix it up in a unique way. You can get creative with bringing themed classes outside and promoting these seasonal classes on social media. 

If you’re bringing the class to your clients away from the studio, make sure you have the portable equipment ready and plenty of cold water for your clients. If it’s too hot outside, you can also look into renting an air-conditioned space near the park or beach making it more convenient for them to pop in for a class. Be sure to check in with your local Parks and Recreation departments for permits and/or licensing.

Offer seasonal promotions 

The change in season is a perfect time to incentivize your customers to visit your studio more frequently and also a great way to acquire new customers. You can offer summer promotions such as discounted packages, bring-a-friend for free, complimentary classes or summertime swag offerings. Use your social media and other marketing channels to promote these discounts through summer-branded content. 

Create a summer challenge 

Challenges inspire people and keep them motivated as they work towards a fitness goal. The excitement around a challenge also creates contagious energy across your members who participate and there is an increased feeling of accountability. Make sure you’re tracking the challenge publicly to promote healthy competition. 

A challenge can be anything from completing a certain number of classes each month to setting personal records such as miles ridden (depending on your fitness model). Promoting a competitive challenge is a great way to boost client attendance and kick things into high gear.

You can also extend the challenge to social media and have your clients post challenge photos with a themed hashtag.

Host a summer-themed open house

An open house is a perfect way to promote your studio and invite new and existing customers for a fun social event. Maybe you bring in some summer refreshments, games, music and a chance to win prizes. An open house is another way to let your customers know about your summer promotions and challenges. 

Stay on top of scheduling

Your clients and instructors will be traveling a lot more during the summer months, so it’s important to stay on top of class and staff schedules. Update class schedules far in advance and post class schedule updates online. While setting schedules, consider offering more classes and resources on the weekdays when your clients are in town to ensure fuller classes.  

Prioritize studio airflow and hydration

Studio comfort is always a priority, especially when the temperature can get so hot outside. Make sure you have working air conditioners or fans placed throughout your studio. Ensure clients and staff always have access to plenty of cold water or refreshments. 

No matter the season, getting new faces in the door is always a priority. Contact ClassPass to join the world’s largest and most diverse fitness marketplace.