Without formal training, marketing your business seems like a daunting task. From creating content and distributing it to tracking data and analyzing outcomes, this jargon-packed area of business can take years to wrap your head around, especially while your juggling other areas of fitness studio life. Fortunately, most marketers started the same way, sans formal training and with only a vague goal to get more customers. With the rise of podcasts (specifically health, wellness and fitness podcasts), these experts and their experiential wisdom are directly available to you. Queue up these top marketing podcasts next time you have down-time and you’ll be in control of your marketing strategy before you know it.

If you want to learn about content marketing

A professional copywriter is a luxury most small businesses can’t afford, but this podcast is the next best thing. Centered around emerging best practices in content marketing, it gives you expert insight into the power of great copy. While copy and content marketing might seem like niche or peripheral aspects of your business, you’ll’ quickly find that they’re fundamental to effective marketing. From social media posts and email newsletters to your website and the sidewalk sign outside your shop, content rules it all.

On Copyblogger, Join content marketing veteran Sonia Simone for lessons like “3 Almost Magical Headline Ingredients for More Traffic” and “How to Attract the Exact Customers You Want.” Within a few episodes, you’ll begin to understand how content impacts your bottom line and get closer to the results you want.

If you want more engaging social media

You’ve likely stumbled on Social Media Examiner in your online marketing searches – aside from its memorable jungle safari theme, it’s one of the most popular marketing blogs out there. Social Media Marketing Podcast comes from the same creators, so you know it’s packed with industry-leading tips. Social media is not only one of the top awareness-driving channels in your marketing arsenal, but it’s also one of the easiest channels to experiment on, letting you make swift and real time changes to your strategy. With the advice and insight offered in this podcast, you can do just that. You’ll find episodes covering every social platform and tool, like Instagram stories, vlogging on YouTube and Facebook Ads.

Another great option is The Science of Social Media from Buffer, a leading social media platform. While it covers similar topics as the Social Media Examiner podcast, the focus is on research, experimentation and data-backed results. As a relatively new marketing channel, social media is always changing, and this podcast will give you in-depth and relevant advice to keep up. Check out their episodes driven by new research, like “We Analyzed 15,000 Instagram Stories from 200 of the World’s Top Brands” to find new ideas for your fitness business.

If you want to improve the customer experience

Customer experience is the line connecting the dots of marketing, helping you attract, retain and support your customer base. There are plenty of podcasts focusing on customer experience specifically, but one gets to the real heart of the customer through behavioral economics: The Brainy Business. Host Melina Palmer breaks down why people buy with insightful lessons on human psychology in the marketplace. Discover important principles like reciprocity, habit, senses and biases, and learn how to employ them in your marketing and business strategy.

If you simply want to know everything about marketing

There’s no two areas of marketing that are mutually exclusive, especially if you’re running a small business and doing it all yourself. For a total approach to reaching new customers, check out Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu. These two well-known thought leaders focus on everything under the marketing sun, so it’s a great resource for experts and DIYers alike. You’ll also benefit from the pair’s SEO perspective, which plays a much larger role in small and local businesses than many realize.

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