Have you ever walked into a studio and thought you fast-forwarded through time? Maybe the meditation room was synced with intuitive lights and sound or your spinning class included a screen that made you feel like you were biking through the Amazon. Even simple things — like mobile check-in — can make a huge difference when it comes to offering convenience to class-goers. Consider these options the next time you want to upgrade your studio’s technology.

A tablet for check-in

Having one on display makes the check-in process super fast and easy. Plus, you can often link it to forms that new members need to sign. Oh, and because it’s all paperless, you’re also saving the environment. *insert praise hands emoji*

A Bluetooth speaker sound system

Not only can instructors freely walk around the class when they’re not tethered to their phone or microphone device, but this is also a way for members to add songs to a playlist in an open gym setting. “We have this set up in our office, and it makes everyone feel like they are contributing and part of the organization as a whole,” says Erickson. “Plus, it makes things simply more fun!”

AirDrop for sharing services

Now you can share all of the hard work you accomplished as a class with one tap. Joseph Mariano, an avid ClassPasser at The Bod by Kym, explains that his instructor often takes a video of his class’s choreographed dance routine at the end of the session. “We all huddle around each other, and the instructor then shares the video using AirDrop,” he explains. “It’s a great way to see all that we accomplished and also easy for us to then post it on social media for friends to view.”

An Apple TV for viewing parties

Why not share that video you just took of the class’s moves with the whole studio? You can connect a screen in the lobby or common area to an Apple TV to quickly show other members all that your class has to offer. “It’s a fun way to see how we did together as a group, laugh at our mistakes, or take pride in hitting every move,” says Mariano.